To protect Tree Swallow and Bluebird in North America

The pendulum is the right thing to get

How to operate the pendulum with tree swallows

How to operate the pendulum with bluebirds
In itself, the pendulum does not attract Tree Swallows or Eastern Bluebirds. Once the swallows and bluebirds have adopted the nesting box, the pendulum makes quite sensation! It's guaranteed to keep pesky English Sparrows out of the nest and allow the desired birds to nest successfully.  
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This system is amazingly efficient. The first version of this pendulum was tested in 1991 and proved to be a failure.

The sparrows managed to pass it in less time required to say it. Several protypes followed and in 1993 the first nest box with pendulum was a complete success!

Success repeated itself hundreds of times across Quebec as fast as the pendulum underwent important changes. Today, because of this pendulum, the swallows and the bluebirds are truly protected from the english sparrows.

Now available, the NEW ONE made all of aluminium

Hironbec, inventor of the pendulum, is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor
Technical data

1) Aluminium

2)The calibrated scale takes count the weight of aluminium, lead and also from the sparrow itself

3) The weight under the pendulum allows for any adjustement
2 3/4" x 5" x 2"thick The pendulum can be adjusted at any time. Simply turn the weight under the pendulum in either direction. The arrow indicator on the front is an excellent reference mark for an amateur. Pendulum is a truly efficient tool

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No 710
Achat d'un pendule / one pendulum
Achat de 2 pendules/ 2 pendulums
30$ (with weight holder)+shipping 30$ = 60$
30$(with weight holder)+30$+shipping 30$ = 90$
30$ + 30$ = 60$
30 + 30$ + 30$ = 90$

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