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Tree swallow nest boxes
Entirely made of aluminium

This nest mill is fixed on a 10 foot telescopic pole.

Total height: 30 inches, including the upper part.

A ball bearing makes it turn with the wind.

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I’ve just installed the 5 Nest Pendulums that I ordered before on some of my nest boxes in South eastern Idaho. The Swallows are just arriving at our location and the nest boxes look like beehives from all of the activity from the swallows.

They appear to be adapting to the pendulum. The first day or so, they would just hang on the hole, but yesterday they started venturing into the next boxes. I’ve got them adjusted where the sparrows land and the pendulum does not let them in.

Thanks for coming up with this device. Since we live in Utah and only visit the nest site on a monthly bases, this will let me know that the sparrows have not trapped and killed swallows on the nest.

It appears to work great, so I’m in the process of ordering 5 more pendulums for the rest of my nest boxes. I’ll be sending the order in today.

Thank You

Greg J. Cover

The success of Greg is great.
In may 2016, he ordered 5 more pendulum.

It's great for every one who installed pendulum.
Do you want to keep sparrows out of your nest box?
Nothing is so easy!
Install pendulum and no more sparrows wil kill your tree swallows.
It works at 100% since ten years now all over the country.

What's your choice?

René Lepage
Director of
Québec, Canada


I wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love your new hironbec pendulum. We have a lot of quite aggressive house sparrows in the area. I've tried deterents, different nest box designs, slingshots and trapping both in box and repeating sparrow traps.

Despite all that, in the past four years we have lost all but one nesting pair of swallows that attempted to claim our nest box. Early this spring, despite my attempts to deter the house sparrows, I was ready to take our nest box down and give up as the sparrows had already attacked a new pair of interested swallows. Then I found your website and ordered your pendulum.

It is excellently designed. Sturdy, simple and performs perfectly. The instructions sent with it were perfect. We followed them and in no time our swallows had figured out how to use it beautifully and the sparrows were stumped.

Thanks entirely to your pendulum, we were able to spend our early summer watching our swallows build their nest, brood and raise their chicks all without any harassment from the sparrows, for the first time in four years!!! Thank you so much!

Our nest box with it's pendulum is safely stowed for the season, and we are so happy knowing that swallows have a safe home to return to next spring. We recommend your pendulum to everyone who stops by our yard.


Shelly Campbell



Here is the NEW pendulum to protect tree swallows and bluebirds

Now entirely made of aluminium

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